Class A drivers are at an increased risk of accidents when they aren’t feeling well, and there are other risks too. Poor mental health can eventually cause or amplify other long-term problems like depression, heart disease, or sleep disorders.  Luckily, there are things you can do to preserve your mental health while you’re on the road and Duncan Trucking’s dedicated routes can help. Follow these ten tips to see how Duncan’s Class A drivers are able to boost their mood and enjoy life while still having a successful, prosperous Class A driving career. 

mental health tips for truck drivers

1 – Establish a Routine

Your body likes to be on a regular schedule and our dedicated routes can help you do just that. Our Phoenix to Long Beach runs offer more opportunities to go to bed and wake up around the same time every day. This will help you feel better mentally and physically, which can have a big impact on your enjoyment of life. Additionally, staying on a good schedule and getting enough sleep can make you more prepared to cope with stress on the road.

2 – Keep Yourself Entertained

With a Duncan dedicated route drivers can make more time for hobbies and other things, they love so you don’t feel like you have to give up too much of your lifestyle for a Class A trucking job. This could be as simple as spending time with family and friends all the way to that home improvement you’ve been wanting. Whether it’s watching football on Sunday or something else, take time to do something that makes you happy.

3 – Make Time for Exercise

Taking care of your body is good for your mind. Commercial drivers have to sit for a lot of the day, which makes it hard for some people to get much exercise. At the same time, there’s a lot of temptation to eat unhealthy snacks while on the road. Committing to a healthy diet and regular exercise is much easier to do when you have regular home time. This can help you feel better physically and feel better about yourself.

4 – Consider Meditation

If you start to get overwhelmed, take a moment or two to center yourself. Whether by meditating, praying, or listening to calming music, it’s important to have something you can do to soothe yourself. Do this every day, even when you don’t feel stressed, to get in the habit of reflecting and returning your mind to a state of tranquility.

5 – Make Your Job Easier with the Right Tools

Technology can make your job a lot easier, but it can also cause stress. If you’re overwhelmed because you struggle using a phone or tablet consider taking a class or even asking a younger family member for help and practice until you feel confident. Your phone is a great tool that can save you time and energy along with helping connect to friends and family while on the road.

6 – Take Regular Breaks

Commercial driving jobs come with a lot of pressure, but don’t feel like you need to skip breaks. Having a dedicated route makes it easier to take a few minutes at regular intervals and help make a positive impact on your long-term success. You’ll feel happier and have more energy.

7 – Schedule Some Time Off If You Can

In addition to your regular breaks, schedule some time off to take a long break from work. At Duncan we encourage drivers to use their paid vacation time, it’s part of your compensation package so don’t be afraid to use it. This is your time to focus on family, friends, hobbies, and everything else that brings you joy. Time like this can make you happier, which makes you more relaxed and gives you the energy to do your job well.

8 – Get Comfortable

Sometimes, long hours in the cab of a truck can become uncomfortable both mentally and physically. At Duncan, trucks are assigned to single drivers so you can keep yourself mentally comfortable, decorate your cab with pictures, and anything else that makes you happy.  Our fleet operates all automatic transmission trucks helping Class A drivers stay physically comfortable helping to avoiding aches and pains, giving you one less thing to be stressed about.

9 – Keep Things Clean

When some truck drivers feel especially overwhelmed by their busy schedules, they start to sacrifice parts of their routines. Our family orientated business has set up fully equipped drivers lounges on both ends of our Phoenix to Long  Beach runs so drivers can more easily find time every day to take a shower and spend some time grooming. Being able to refresh and wearing clean clothes helps make you feel comfortable. You might be surprised how much happier and more confident you’ll be when you feel like you’re taking good care of yourself.

10 – Maintain Relationships

One of the hardest parts about commercial driving is the feeling of isolation some drivers experience. It’s not like working in an office with a lot of other people, which can start to feel lonely after a while. Try to form strong professional relationships with other drivers, dispatchers, shippers, and receivers you work with. Don’t forget to make time to call family and friends from the road.

Looking for a Rewarding Commercial Trucking Opportunity? We’re Here to Help!

Here at Duncan & Son Lines, we connect drivers with dedicated Class A driving work in Phoenix, AZ. We’ve been a family-owned commercial driving company since 1943, and the decades of experience have helped us learn what it takes to keep drivers happy and healthy. Contact us today to learn more about how we promote healthy practices for our CDL truck drivers.

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