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If you are interested in port truck driving jobs, you may wonder how long it takes to get a TWIC card? These cards are mandatory for drivers who access government-controlled maritime properties and are considered a tremendous asset when applying for truck driver jobs in Southern California. They give you access to a wider range of load opportunities, increasing your earning ability.


For truckers in need of their TWIC card that are hardworking, dedicated, and able to pass the recruitment process, we are here to help. At Duncan and Son, we want to be sure that all of our CDL drivers can obtain the full benefits of having a TWIC card, and we will help you through the application process. We will help complete and submit the necessary paperwork required, schedule any appointments needed, and pay for the card upfront with an easy repayment system in place.

What do you need to get a TWIC card?

When applying for the card on your own, there are several unnecessary items listed, but only the following items are needed when applying with DSL’s help.

  • Driver’s License
  • Birth certificate

To avoid delays, be sure to have originals when you apply.

What is the Process to get a TWIC Card?

A TWIC card can be applied for online ( and an appointment made for fingerprinting in person at an application center if one is near. Once the paperwork required is submitted and fingerprints are provided, a background check is conducted including a search of domestic and international databases confirming the applicant is not a security risk. TSA’s goal is to provide the applicant with an approval response within 30-45 days of receiving the information, but this often happens much sooner.  The process can take longer if there are past convictions that need to be investigated more thoroughly.  When completing the application process at the TWIC office, if you specify that you would like to pick up your TWIC in person, you will receive it much faster!

Once you are approved, you will receive an email notification that the card is ready to pick up or notification by untracked first-class mail. (If you chose the “mail” option).

Your letter of clearance is for informational purposes only and will not be required for proof of clearance. TSA sends an official notification to the driver’s state of the license only and the driver’s state will reflect the clearance result when it issues a CDL with HME. Once the driver’s state approval is clear, successful applicants are then issued their TWIC card (via mail).

What are the benefits of having a TWIC Card?

  • Allows you to enter areas that are controlled by government agencies, such as maritime ports.
  • Creates a tamper-proof ID credential that would be used and accepted at the Port of Long Beach
  • Reduces redundant credentials and continuous background checks when entering the port or areas controlled by government agencies
  • The TWIC card lasts for five years after it is issued. When renewing your card, it will only take two to four weeks for renewal. (Can take up to 12 weeks for your initial TWIC card)

Duncan and Son Lines TWIC Card Benefits

  • If you have your TWIC card upon employment at Duncan and Son Lines, Inc., you will receive a $500 bonus. If you do not have your TWIC Card, we will loan you the application fees upon employment and then return the money on a paycheck by paycheck basis.
  • You will earn one cent extra per mile at Duncan & Son if you have your TWIC Card.

If you are looking for a trucking job unlike any other, contact us at Duncan & Son Lines, Inc. We have employment opportunities for dedicated and hardworking truck drivers. Our organization prides itself on the way we treat each one of our employees. We offer many benefits, including health benefits. Visit us online or give us a call to learn more, or to file your application today!

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