Our Culture


Three Generations – Going on Four

Duncan & Son Lines (DSL) was founded in 1943 by Richard Blaine Duncan. It has been passed down from father to son for three generations- going on four. Each of these generations survived and prospered through their own unique challenges within the trucking industry.

Rick Duncan (3rd generation) is the current President and CEO. David Duncan (4th generation) is the VP of operations, and Blaine Duncan (4th generation) is the Director of Maintenance.

The rest of the Duncan family is its 270+ employees. The Duncan family and the executive team make it a priority to maintain an open door policy. They spend as much face-to-face time with their employees as they can. DSL’s success is attributed to the family’s ability to create a culture based on family oriented values that have attracted some of the best and hardest working employees in the industry.

Each employee has a voice that helps the company work toward balancing the needs of the employee with the needs of the company. One of the most important needs is safety; for the employees, the company, our customers and the general public.

Having a culture which promotes a family like atmosphere, open-door communication, and safety as its number one value is not an accident. It is a plan. It is a decision. It is a commitment. It starts with the executive and management teams and, most importantly, extends to our drivers.