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CDL trucking requires dedication, driving skills, and other professional qualities. If you want to advance in your career or launch a career as a professional truck driver, it’s time to market yourself as a valuable addition to any fleet. 

Find out how employees, owner-operators, and other drivers set themselves apart with quality training in Phoenix.

Communicate With Respect

Respect should be a noticeable component in any workplace. Whether you’re speaking with customers, calling your employer, or interacting with other truckers, respect is one component that can set you apart in the trucking industry.

A few respectful conversations may be all that’s required to market yourself as a reliable, qualified driver. Keep your trucking company and dispatcher informed of any situations and let them know how you are handling your drive. Even if you’ve been wronged or are in a stressful situation, it’s critical to communicate respectfully if you’re planning on continuing to advance in the industry.

Keep a Clean Record

Driving for hours at a time can expose you to many hazards on the road. From speeding to fender benders, avoid all the pitfalls that can put points on your license or cause you to lose your CDL. One of the most important documents you own is your commercial driver’s license, so protect it by keeping your record clean.

Any accidents or load-related issues can cause you to struggle in the industry. You may still be hired, but you typically will earn less pay and be assigned less-than-ideal routes. A squeaky-clean record shows that you take driving and caring for your freight sincerely.

Striving for a clean record helps you stay safe and protect other drivers. Limiting your speed and practicing other safe driving habits reduces the risk of a severe accident while you’re driving.

Meet Deadlines

Commercial driving comes with many unknowns. Traffic delays, construction, unexpected scale stops, and other issues could cause you to run late. While some are unavoidable, do your best to prevent delays from causing you to miss a deadline. Always plan plenty of time to reach your destination without speeding or skipping essential breaks.

Meeting deadlines is a critical component in marketing yourself in any industry, but it’s especially applicable to the trucking industry. A missed deadline leads to missed deliveries, stocking issues, and other concerns. If you’re hauling perishable items, a long delay could even compromise your freight.

Stay Updated on Regulations

Laws and company policies continue to change to make the trucking industry safer and more efficient. Whether you’re just starting in the industry or have been a trucker for years, expect to continue to refresh yourself on regulations and policies.

Some policy changes are minor adjustments to the ways that you handle cargo, while others alter the way you operate from day to day. Being adaptable is an excellent quality to have as a marketable truck driver.

Some company policies change due to changes in technology. As a modern truck driver, you have access to intuitive software to interact with dispatch, plan your route, and prepare for a safe and efficient drive.

Explore CDL Endorsements

Your Class A Driver’s License is the base requirement to be a truck driver, but there are many endorsements you can get to continue to improve your skills and expand your horizons. Here are a few endorsements you can add to your driver’s license after completing a course and taking a test:

  • Tank vehicle
  • Hazardous materials
  • Double/triples

These endorsements open up different types of commercial vehicles and freight for you to haul. Most endorsements also allow you to earn more and win more popular routes. The right education course makes it easy to receive the training and study resources you need to pass an endorsement test.

Choose the Right Driving School

Like any other educational opportunity, choosing the right CDL school is a critical part of preparing for a successful career. Carefully compare driving schools near you and around the country for the best fit for your career ambitions.

Ask your truck driving school about the on-the-road experience, available endorsements, and other features that can affect your education quality. An unknown school might not give you the marketing boost you need to land a highly paid trucking job.

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