Commercial driving is a promising career because it pays well, but being on the road can make it hard to build good routines. Some CDL trucking drivers find themselves developing bad spending habits. The good news is that you can do multiple easy things to start saving more money in a hurry.

What are money-saving tips for truckers?

Here are five of our favorite tips for drivers who want to keep more of their income.

1 – Use Free WiFi

Unless you got a great deal on your data plan, you might be spending a lot of money to surf the web on your smartphone. The best way to minimize the data consumption you put against your plan is to take advantage of WiFi whenever you can find it. Some places charge for access to their internet connections, but there are also plenty of free options. Coffee shops, restaurants, and even some nationwide chains like Target regularly offer free WiFi. Connect to these networks to reduce spending on your data plan.

2 – Use Rewards Programs

If you’re regularly stopping at the same truck stops, gas stations, or other establishments, see if they have rewards programs. Sometimes you can get perks like free coffee or showers. Other times you can get discounts or get rewards. The important thing here is to get benefits back from the money you’d already been spending, not to start spending money on new things. Over time, the rewards from your loyalty program will add up to some significant savings.

3 – Save on Truck Repairs

If you’re responsible for maintaining your truck, you already know how expensive this can get. Some drivers try to save a quick buck by skipping regular maintenance, but that strategy can cause more harm than good. If you stay on top of your maintenance schedule and get regular tune-ups, you’re not as likely to find yourself in need of some severe repairs. If you want to eliminate maintenance costs, you can find trucking jobs that come with new-model trucks. That way, you know your truck is in good shape, and you don’t have to spend your own money on it.

4 – Don’t Miss Bills

Long-haul truckers often pay bills late because they’re away from home for too long. Late fees can start to add up when you’re paying them every month, so money-conscious truckers pay remotely or set up autopay. If you don’t want to have to worry about this, find a trucking job with excellent home time so you won’t be gone long enough to run into any accidental fees for late payment.

5 – Save on Food

Choosing water over a soda can improve your health, and it will also save you money. Instead of buying single-use water bottles or other soft drinks, get a refillable water bottle. Choose one that’s large and insulated, so you’ll always have cold water. Buying two sodas every day can cost over $1,000 per year!

Class A Driving Jobs

While the tips above will help, truckers’ best way to save money is still to make a budget and stick to it. The second best way to save more money is to make more money.

When you work for Duncan and Son Lines, Inc., you’ll see why so many drivers build a career here. Our CDL drivers are respected, happy, and financially stable. Check our open positions to find a commercial driving job that will put money in your bank account.

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