“I have been here 17 years. I can tell you that we are always consciously looking for ways to make sure drivers know that we appreciate the hard work they do. We know that our drivers hold the only position in the company that generates revenue and we need to do everything we can to support our drivers. Their success is our success!”

– Julie Smith
Safety Manager

“DSL offers more home-time and the people are easy to work with.”

– Jacquelyn McCarver
6 years at Duncan

“The people are friendly to work with. The pay is good.”

– David Marshall
7 years at Duncan

“It’s family oriented. They treat me like a person, not a number. It is not forced dispatched- you’re asked, not told. My dispatchers David Duncan and Cristina are awesome to work with.”

– Randy Denman
10 years at Duncan

“My Dispatcher has helped me achieve my mileage bonuses every month since I’ve been on her board. She’s awesome to work with. Every day she’s pleasant to talk to and very efficient. She’s the reason I stay happy at Duncan and Son.”

– Jeff Adkins
1 year at Duncan

“I had an issue this past winter where I had to shut down due to unsafe conditions I personally contacted David that night and when unfortunately a lot of bosses would be upset with a driver David commended me for making the safe choice.”

– Daniel Wood
1 year at Duncan

“I have worked for Duncan for going on 13 years now. And I am so proud to say that! Thank you so much and let’s go for the next 75!”

– Jodi Jacobs
13 years at Duncan

“I’m happy to be part of the Duncan family- great place to work.”

– Jose Guerrero
1 year at Duncan

“I’m happy and grateful to be part of the Duncan and Son family. You guys do an outstanding appreciation of the drivers. It’s a great place to work.”

– Michael Began
3 years at Duncan