• I have been here 15 years. I can tell you that we are always consciously looking for ways to make sure I drivers know that we appreciate the hard work they do. We know that our drivers hold the only position in the company that generates revenue and we need to do everything we can to support our drivers. Their success is our success!

    - Julie Smith Safety Manager

  • DSL offers more home-time and the people are easy to work with.

    - Jacquelyn McCarver 1 Years at Duncan

  • David Duncan has always treated me with respect.  I have never been forced to do something,  I have always been asked to do something.  I like the people I work with.  It feels family orientated to me.

    - Scott Kelly 5 Years at Duncan

  • The people are friendly to work with.  The pay is good.

    - David Marshall 2 Years at Duncan

  • I was tired of being on the road.  Now I am home every other day.

    - Don Pelser 2 Years at Duncan

  • I get to go home every other day to see my children, and the wife.  I am treated like a person and called by name instead of by a truck number.

    - Barry Burnett 1 years at Duncan

  • It’s family oriented.  They treat me like a person, not a number.  It’s is not forced dispatched-  you’re asked, not told.  My dispatchers David Duncan and Cristina are awesome to work with.

    - Randy Denman 3years at Duncan

  • Duncan has a lot of work for me.  It’s a small company and that makes it easier to get into contact with people.  If there is a problem, it’s easy to talk to someone and get the issue taken care of.  Recently in a step towards appreciation to their drivers, everyone received a raise.

    - Steven Soto 2 years at Duncan

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Duncan & Son Lines, Inc. is a family owned and operated trucking company established in 1943 and is now the largest premier intermodal carrier in Arizona.

Flexible, cooperative teamwork is what has led us to success and makes us a great match for anyone looking for a truck driving job in Phoenix, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

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Driving Jobs


Duncan and Son Lines offers several truck driving job options.

Truck drivers hired for the intermodal division typically do 3 Phoenix/Long Beach Port turns per week. Depending on scheduling, drivers are often home 2-3 times per week and normally have a 34 hour restart on the weekends.

Most drivers like their very predictable schedule and feel comfort knowing they are never more than 375 miles from home.

Those drivers needing a change of pace once in a while can move over to our dry van division for 3 weeks or more. If they decide 48 states is something they prefer over being close to home, they may choose to stay there. It is their choice! If you are looking for Phoenix Trucking Jobs, please consider our family owned company with great pay and benefits.