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There are numerous dedicated driver jobs around the country. This does not mean you are dedicated to your position and always show up on time, although that is certainly an excellent quality to have. A Class A dedicated driver is someone who has a regular route somewhere in the United States.

There are many trucking companies that serve the same company or go through the same location regularly. Out of all CDL trucking jobs, these are some of the most desirable and they come with great CDL truck driver benefits. If you are interested in becoming a trucker, then this is the job you should look into.


What is a Dedicated Truck Driver?

A dedicated truck driver focuses primarily on one route, one customer, etc. This helps establish relationships in the industry and will get to learn your company inside and out.

Benefits of a Dedicated Truck Driver

There are plenty of reasons why commercial truck drivers choose to become dedicated drivers. For starters, they are always around familiar terrain. Some Class A truck drivers have to go all over the country, and they end up somewhere new all the time.

They may not be prepared to handle the weather of a certain region or go down certain roads. This is referred to as an over-the-road position. Dedicated drivers stick with the roads they know.

Dedicated truck drivers also interact with the same customers. Therefore, Class A dedicated drivers need to have excellent customer service skills. Their company’s reputation will rely partly on their communication skills, so they will need to represent themselves in a professional manner. This makes it even more important to deliver the goods on time, every time, so that their clientele never have to be inconvenienced.

The biggest truck driver benefit dedicated class A drivers receive is that they enjoy more home time. When they drive around the country, they may not be home for days or even weeks on end. This can be difficult for drivers with families who may not be able to see their kids very often.

Treks are much shorter for drivers with dedicated routes. They may still have to work odd hours at times and traffic delays may prevent them from getting home at a regular hour, but many find it to be preferable over the alternative.

Once you have your commercial trucking license, make sure that you learn how to protect your CDL.

How to Get a Dedicated Truck Driver Job?

The first step in becoming a dedicated truck driver is to get a commercial driver’s license. This means paying for truck driving school out of pocket, or finding a company-sponsored program. These courses will give all of the training needed to be successful in the field.

Since dedicated routes go through residential areas, most positions go to drivers with at least one year of experience. They need to get used to driving down narrow roads as well as busy city streets.

There is a difference between dedicated and regional drivers. Regional truck drivers operate in a specific area, such as the Northeast or Midwest, whereas dedicated commercial drivers follow a specific and repeatable route.

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