Truckers are the backbone Duncan and Son Lines and of the American economy. From food and furniture to clothes and household supplies, chances are the items you use every day were transported by a truck at some point.

Because the trucking industry is a crucial aspect of the economy, truck drivers are in high demand. If you want a flexible job with great benefits, trucking could be the perfect career. Here are the top five reasons you should get a CDL in Arizona and join the industry.

CDL Drivers Have Job Security

According to the American Trucking Association, truckers transport more than nine billion pounds of freight each year. This staggering number ensures that anyone who enters the trucking industry will be able to find a job.

The American economy relies on truckers to move commercial goods from one point to another, so to keep up with the high demand, truckers will always have a job.

Drivers Can Start with Quick Training

Many career paths require you to obtain a degree before you start making money. Depending on which type of degree you need, it could take two to four years to complete it, and it probably costs a significant amount of money.

If you choose to enter the trucking industry, you can start working immediately after training, which takes four to ten weeks to complete depending upon which school you choose to attend.

This fast training keeps you from racking up student loans and enables you to start making money much sooner than you would be able to if you were to attend a four-year university.

CDL Trucking Jobs Come with Great Pay

Trucking is a lucrative career choice because it pays well. On average, first-year truckers earn $43, 860 per year with the potential to earn much more as they gain experience. The amount of money truckers earn depends on a variety of factors, including those listed below.

  • Distance traveled: Truckers can choose to work cross country or locally. While those who make local deliveries may be able to be home every night and have a good family life, cross country truckers typically earn more.
  • Type of freight: Some loads require experienced truckers to transport them. The more experienced you are, the more likely you will qualify to haul higher-paying loads such as livestock, hazardous chemicals, and houses.
  • Training: Trucking companies want to hire top-notch drivers, so you have a better chance of landing a high-paying job if you completed a reputable trucking program. Instead of choosing the one that is most affordable, or has the shortest training requirements, invests in a high-quality program that will qualify you for better pay.

You Get to See Places All Over the Country

If you work as an over the road driver, you have the opportunity to visit places all over the lower 48 states. While all truckers must abide by strict rules that govern how many hours a week they can drive, you are free to spend your breaks any way you want, as long as you are not driving.

You can use your rest periods to sleep when you need to, but you can also sightsee or visit local attractions. This opportunity makes trucking a perfect career for people who enjoy traveling.

There is Room to Grow Your Career

There is unlimited potential in a trucking career. If you enjoy driving, you can keep hauling loads all over the country. If you want to become an entrepreneur, you can work to gain industry experience and eventually purchase your own truck so you can work for yourself.

You can even launch your own trucking company by obtaining a fleet of trucks and hiring other drivers. Whatever your ambitions are, trucking offers you the freedom to achieve them.

If trucking sounds like the perfect career choice for you, become a CDL driver in Arizona and come work for Duncan and Sons Lines, Inc. Contact us today to learn more about what we can offer you and apply for a trucking position.


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