We live in an age where technical advances seem to occur every month, so it may come as a surprise that our shipping and receiving industry still relies on barges, trains, and trucks, just as it did decades ago.

In fact, with the modern expectation of receiving online orders within a 24-hour timeframe, trucks are needed more than ever, and this shift shows no signs of slowing down.

This growing need for fast deliveries makes CDL truck driving an excellent choice for anyone ready to embark on a new career that has plenty of demand and little supply.

However, if you are concerned about long hauls and cross-country deliveries, take the time to consider the benefits of becoming a drayage Class A truck driver and discover how a commercial driver’s license can change your life.

Have a Predictable Driving Schedule

It is a common belief that trucking jobs require driving long distances for days on end. Though this is true for some situations, the reality is more diverse.

For example, drayage work with Duncan and Son Lines revolves around:

  • Initiating the transportation process
  • Loading shipping containers onto truck trailers
  • Driving short distances on a daily basis
  • Delivering freight to warehouses or storage areas
  • Maintaining local routes in specific areas

Since these deliveries have a quick turnaround time, intermodal drivers may find themselves doing a variety of jobs each day, while also being able to go home at the end of their shift.

There’s High Demand for Drayage Drivers

The job market has been tricky to navigate for some time. The news is full of reports showing more people looking for work than there are jobs to employ them.

However, this is not the case in the trucking industry, where a decreased supply of drivers is paired against an ever-increasing growth of imported goods coming into our country.

This demand for properly trained workers has created a supportive environment for those looking to earn their CDL’s. It is not uncommon for employers to provide instruction on-site, or to pay for their new employees to go to driving school.

Even better, upon graduation, Class A Drivers are practically guaranteed an ample source of immediate employment options.

Have a Greater Sense of Job Security

Related to the amount of work available in the trucking industry, once you have your CDL, you can enjoy a level of job security that many people can only dream about.

Whether you need to relocate to another city or find yourself interested in other facets of driving, your training goes with you, and there is a need for drivers in every state.

This security also translates to the company you begin with, as further training and experience open up new opportunities for advancement and growth.

By getting your CDL Class A, you receive a rare ticket for future expansion that few licensures can promise.

Enjoy Real Community & Trucking Culture

Not every career creates a culture of its own, and with so many of us spending more time at work than at home, this lack of community can have negative effects on our mental health.

In the trucking industry, driving for a carrier like Duncan & Son provides an uncommon opportunity to enjoy a career field that is not only supportive of its employees, but that also recognizes the unique environment in which they work.

Though largely a solitary position, Class A Drivers can profit on a personal level from a community that relies upon strong relationships, high levels of communication, and instills a sense of belonging.

Get Started Today at Duncan & Son Lines

With so many positive attributes and a great return on your investment, there has never been a better time to earn your CDL Class A and start a career in the transportation field.

Contact family-owned and operated Duncan Trucking Ltd. today, and learn more about how you can apply for the truck driving job that is waiting for you.

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