It is no secret that being a Class A driver is a fair-paying trade with excellent job security. In fact, the industry is growing, and port truck drivers are better off now than they have been in years. This is especially true for port truck driving jobs. If you are looking for the truck driving benefits and stability CDL job has to offer, start moving in the right direction by finding an intermodal carrier like Duncan and Sons Lines, Inc. who has Class A CDL jobs available.


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Port Truck Driver Jobs at Duncan and Sons Lines, Inc.

Port truck drivers are commercial drivers who predominantly conduct pickups and drop-offs at port stations like rail yards and shipping ports. Drivers must also inspect shipments and report any observed damage or accidents. Some drivers may have to assist in loading and unloading cargo but not with DSL our drivers never touch any freight. The job is similar to that of a general CDL truck driver, but the routes are much more targeted and frequently remain in a smaller radius. This often makes it easier for drivers to stay close to home and avoid many periods away from family, much like the CDL drivers for Duncan and Son Lines, Inc.

What are the Requirement Differences Between Port Truck Drivers & General Truck Drivers?

The requirements and training for a port truck driving position are very similar to those for a more typical CDL truck driving position, with a few key additions. Even if you have been a commercial truck driver before, you would need to obtain further qualifications for a port truck driving job. Here are standard Class A CDL driving qualifications.

  • Class A Commercial Driver’s License
  • Safe driving record
  • Up-to-date Department of Transportation physical examination
  • Clean Department of Transportation drug screening
  • Must be at least 21 years old
  • Eligible to work in the U.S.

You must also submit a background check, but disqualifying offenses vary from company to company. The main additions to this list for a port truck driver are experience and a Transportation Worker Identification Credential, or TWIC card. Most companies require more experience for port CDL drivers than standard dedicated drivers and may require the applicant to be older as well. While it is not often a requirement, some companies may prefer to hire a driver with a HAZMAT endorsement and experience.

What is the Importance of a TWIC Card?

The TWIC card is an absolute necessity for any port worker. The U.S. Congress, under the Maritime Transportation Security Act, requires all personnel with access to secure seaport areas to have this credential. Obtaining the card is relatively simple and does not require any kind of training or exam. All you need to do is make an appointment at a Universal Enrollment Center and present valid documentation of U.S. citizenship or legal residence. Valid documentation includes but is not limited to a U.S. passport, birth certificate, or green card. They will also consider any criminal record you may have, as certain offenses disqualify applicants for a lifetime or a certain number of years after conviction. It can take up to 12 weeks from the initial date of enrollment for the TWIC card to be ready for pickup, so be sure to complete the enrollment requirements before you anticipate starting a new port truck driving job. If you join us as a driver without a TWIC card, we will help you with the entire process.

Start Your Trucking Career with an Award-Winning Company

Nearly since our beginning in 1943, Duncan and Son Lines, Inc. has been providing reliable service for clients out of the Long Beach Port and a family atmosphere for employees. For four generations, which will soon become five, this company has been family-owned and operated. Our rich history starts with truck drivers who used their skills in World War II and continues with the same commitments, values, and culture to this day. Becoming part of our team means being welcomed into the family. We do not simply offer jobs, we offer an investment in the future of every person who works for us.

For more information on available positions that may be a good fit for you, check out our open positions and apply today to become part of the Duncan and Sons Lines, Inc. family today.

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