It is an exciting time to be in the trucking industry, with a wealth of job opportunities and not enough drivers to satisfy the market. As you are planning your career path, it makes good sense to look into the various types of CDL truck driving jobs available, and decide which ones are right for you.

A great place to start is by looking at the pros and cons of being a company driver or owning your rig and having a full understanding of what each situation means.

What Are The Differences Between Company Driver vs. Owner-Operated?

The name says it best, but the key difference between these two forms of driving is that you either own or lease the truck you are driving, or the trucking company you work for does. From there, the responsibilities are laid out, as whoever owns the truck has the following obligations:

  • Fuel expenses
  • Insurance coverage
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Taxes and tolls
  • Business licensing

These associated requirements for being your own boss are merely a reality, rather than a negative or a positive. However, you must be honest with yourself as you compare the options and know if you are ready to take on the duties of self-employment.

What are some company truck driver facts?

Working for an established trucking company like Duncan and Son Lines has many advantages, such as steady work, benefits like paid time off and health insurance, decreased liability, and no hassle.

By driving for someone else, the business side of things is all taken care of by the company, and you get to focus on your job. Paired with regular schedules and shifts that let you go home at the end of the day, you can maintain a more normal home life and minimize your time away.

Many believe as a company CDL driver that you will make less pay and rarely have a say in how your time is scheduled. With Duncan and Son Lines we break this mold by not having any forced dispatch and working with our drivers to get a schedule that works for them while still being productive. In addition to a great schedule, Duncan & Son, Lines company driver’s income ranges from $65k-$95k depending on tenure.

What are some owner operator truck driver facts?

If you feel strongly about being in charge of the transportation jobs you seek out, then owning or leasing your truck and trailer may be more appealing to you.

With this freedom comes much risk and liability that a potential owner needs to be aware of. Investing in the equipment you need to get started is expensive and requires an immediate outlay of large down payments. In addition to this primary expense, you will have to plan for the continuous costs of running your business and keeping your truck in working order. Many owner-operators don’t consider the amount of income to set aside for taxes or the many other challenges owning your own business presents and often find themselves making less money than company drivers’ after all expenses are accounted.

Which Career Path is Right for You?

For some drivers, the choice between the two roles may be obvious. However, for many other people, the decision may require more time and further discussion with people in the trucking industry before a verdict is made.

Regardless of your choice or if you are still undecided, do not hesitate to contact Duncan and Son Lines today so you can learn more and apply for a trucking job that is right for you.

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