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Cost of CDL Arizona

The cost of obtaining a CDL through a truck driving school depends on factors like where the driver lives, which school they choose to attend, and which endorsements they pursue. Because of the many factors, the total expected cost can range from $3,000 to $10,000. Once you have earned a CDL, you can access rewarding and in-demand CDL careers in Arizona and throughout the country. Here are some important aspects to consider before attending truck driving school.

Why Is It So Expensive to Get a CDL?

Various factors can affect the cost of getting a CDL, which can vary from state to state. Your Department of Motor Vehicles office has information about whether the following fees will apply to you: CDL application fees, road test fees, CDL skills test fees, the license itself (Class A, B, C, etc.), and additional endorsements. These endorsements include specializations like passenger transport, hazardous materials, and double trailers. Endorsements will add cost to your overall truck driving school and CDL license costs but will give you a competitive edge in the field and access to higher-paying jobs that require those specialized endorsements.

CDL Tips – Choosing a Truck Driving School

Most truck driving schools have a 160-hour training program, though there can be differences in course costs and driving schools themselves. While publicly funded schools can save the driver money over attending a privately funded school, there is generally a longer wait time for publicly funded schools. The schools with great reputations and excellent job placement are usually more expensive, though choosing the cheapest available driving school could compromise the quality of the education.

If the school is further than a reasonable commute, you may consider a school with lodging and additional amenities, though at an increased cost. It is also important to see what equipment or specialized training is available when choosing a school.

CDL Tips – How to Pay for a Commercial Drivers License

Earning a CDL is much more affordable than many education options and provides transferable career skills in a field that needs drivers. A quality truck driving school can help determine which funding options are best for you.

There are some resources that can help reduce what you pay for truck driving school:

    • Funding through a state-funded workforce training system
    • State and local CDL training grants
    • Funding for veterans through the GI Bill
    • Loans through banks or for-profit educational lenders
    • Company-sponsored financial aid in exchange for a work commitment

Finding Truck Driving Careers in Arizona

Duncan & Son Lines has been a family-owned and operated company since its founding in 1943, affecting every aspect of our culture and history. We take care of our staff and truck drivers as if they were a part of our family. We are committed to our family, team, and community’s success and consider safety our highest priority. Our work culture acknowledges the importance of our truck drivers and incorporates the comfort of a family-like environment.

Everyone in the Duncan and Son family depends on competitive salaries and benefits, and we are proud of the compensation packages we offer. We emphasize our intermodal division to offer our drivers consistent and rewarding work while remaining close to their homes, ensuring regular downtime to spend with their loved ones. At Duncan & Son Lines, it is possible to have both a rewarding career and a great home life.

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