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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a lot of Americans to reconsider their careers, and Duncan and Son Lines, Inc. is working to raise awareness among women about how trucking can be a rewarding career path. Offering Employee benefits such as flexible routes and schedules—with most drivers home 4 nights a week—fair and competitive pay, comprehensive benefits packages, and a culture where employees feel safe, respected, and valued; these are just a few reasons why you should consider making a change to work with Duncan and Son Lines, Inc.

Trucking has always served as the backbone of our country’s economy, and without trucker jobs, online retail shopping would grind to a halt and negatively affect the lives of countless businesses and their consumers. With the number of people shopping online in lieu of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s safe to assume that the demand for truck drivers won’t be diminishing anytime soon.

The trucking industry is seeing a boom in interest after years of contending with a shortage of drivers, with the industry now playing host to nearly 3.5 million drivers, and that number is expected to continue growing. The demand for experienced truck drivers has never been higher, so if you’re looking for a rewarding career with the largest intermodal/drayage carrier in Arizona, then Apply Now with Duncan and Son Lines, Inc. today!

Why are truck drivers in high demand?

The demand for experienced truck drivers has never been stronger than it is right now, and even as the industry continues to evolve, the demand isn’t expected to go away. The Covid-19 Pandemic has ensured job security in the trucking industry, and with an ever-expanding e-commerce market, trucking will continue to be at the center of commerce in the American economy. With so many Americans having spent the past year and a half in lockdown at home, it’s our country’s truck drivers that have ensured Americans have access to the essential supplies they need to thrive.

Even when the pandemic is over and things return to some sense of normalcy, online shopping will remain at the center of our country’s economy, which means the trucking industry will continue to need dedicated and experienced truck drivers.

Is it hard being a woman truck driver?

When you stop and think about the trucking industry as a whole, most likely the first thing that comes to mind about its drivers is that they tend to be older men. Industry data shows that the average trucker is 54 years old, but given the nationwide truck driver shortage, that’s slowly changing for the better. The industry is more diverse than it’s ever been before, as companies like Duncan and Son Lines, Inc. are actively hiring CDL women drivers, veterans, and anyone else interested in making a career change, and seeing what the trucking industry can offer.

As soon as you get your commercial driver’s license (CDL), an entire new world of opportunity will be opened up to you. Duncan and Son Lines, Inc. is actively hiring dedicated drivers that will mostly be transporting from Arizona to Long Beach, and as we mentioned previously, most of our drivers are home 4 nights a week. Being able to know you’ll be home with your loved ones and family four nights a week is certainly important, and if you’re interested in a career change, we’ll work with you to find a role that matches your skill set and helps you find your place behind the wheel of one of our 300+ fleet trucks.

What percentage of truck drivers are female?

According to the Women in Trucking Association, women now make up approximately 10% of all truck drivers in the United States, with a further 15% working in the industry (outside of being CDL holding women drivers). This 10% share of the trucking industry is nearly 2% more than in previous years, and we hope to see that number increase beginning with you! Although the number of male truck drivers in this industry vastly outweighs the number of women, that doesn’t mean truck driving is a man’s job. Most trucking companies are equal opportunity employers and are actively looking for women truck drivers to join their ranks and forge new career paths that will be emblematic of the future of trucking to come.

We at Duncan and Son Lines, Inc. believe that gender diversity brings fresh perspectives, fuels greater idea generation, problem-solving, and innovation, which will inevitably increase business performance and overall revenue generation—not to mention, gender diversity fosters a more inclusive environment for all of our staff and drivers.


Through the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent economic and environmental challenges, professional truck drivers have persevered in keeping the American economy moving. Duncan and Son Lines, Inc. has been on the front line ensuring that the American Economy stays on the move and that goods are delivered safely, efficiently, and routinely. We also believe in compensating our employees properly, and ensuring everyone working for us here has an adequate work/life balance.

We understand, having worked in this industry ourselves for over 70 years, that being a truck driver is one of the most demanding and important jobs in the workforce. Although it may be demanding, it’s also one of the most rewarding professions, offering flexibility, fair compensation, and diverse advancement opportunities—one of the upsides of working in a constantly evolving and growing industry.

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