Is Truck Driving School Worth It?

Driving a truck is easy, right? You already have a driver’s license and understand what it takes to be behind the wheel, so what more could there possibly be? Actually, truck driving takes a specific set of specialized skills that can only be acquired through a certified truck driving school. Duncan and Son Lines, Inc. requires a Class A CDL before even considering a candidate hoping to get a job, so getting your education now will put you in line for that quality job. To obtain a CDL, you’ll need to attend truck driving school. Why is truck driving school worth it?

Getting Into your Career in Record Time

Many colleges and universities offer degree programs that range in duration from two to ten years, depending on the focus. Students in truck driving school are finished on an average of seven weeks. While some factors could make the process go as quickly as three weeks or extend to around six months, most students have their CDL A in hand in just a few months. You could be driving for full-time pay in just a short period of time.

Avoiding College Debt

When you consider the amount of time it takes to get a degree, you can start to understand how so many Americans are in significant debt due to college. Some have college debt up to hundreds of thousands of dollars, but truck driving school is only going to put you behind by about $3,000 to $6,000. Depending on the grants and financial aid programs available to you, it’s possible to get through training without paying a single penny out of pocket.

If you do have to pay, you could have the entire amount paid back after just a few months of driving. Many of your friends who have college degrees will take thirty years to get their student loans paid back. You’ll have the opportunity to invest it all back into your life and the improvements that will make your family more comfortable.

Receiving a Considerable Paycheck

Truck driving doesn’t come without sacrifices, but you will get a considerable paycheck for your work. With competitive pay, you never have to worry about taking care of your family. Going to truck driving school will cost you, but there’s an amazing return on your investment. 

Whether you go to a private school, a company-sponsored school, or a community college, you’ll experience financial benefits. You can also apply for financial aid programs and grants, making the return on your investment a lot greater once you begin to work for a paycheck.

Experiencing Quality Benefits

After going to truck driving school, you have the opportunity for quality employment and quality benefits. Some of the benefits of driving with Duncan and Son Lines, Inc. include:

    • Equipment benefits such as APU for comfort, PrePass devices, new-model trucks, automatic transmission, anti-collision systems, and mobile communication devices.
    • After five years of driving for Duncan and Son Lines, Inc. full time, a new, customized truck of your choice.
    • Time at home to spend with your family every week; at least four nights each week.
    • A $500 sign-on bonus for those who already have a TWIC card.
    • An employer-matched 401(K).
    • Holiday pay, vacation pay, and sick pay.
    • Health, dental, vision, and life insurance.
    • A predictable schedule that never puts drivers more than 375 away from home.

Having Job Security

Duncan and Son Lines, Inc. is growing. There is always going to be a need for truck drivers, so driving school is very beneficial. When you hear the news about massive layoffs around the country, you won’t hear that truck drivers are included. The industry simply can’t stand to lose any drivers because of the demand for transportation of this kind. 

Whether you’ve had a hard time holding down a retail job or just can’t get into the whole office environment at work, a CDL allows you opportunities regardless of your situation and the current economic situation.

Traveling for Pay

Do you want to get out and see the world? Are you itching to make your way out of Arizona, even if just for a visit? Traveling for pay isn’t a bad idea, right? Duncan and Son Lines, Inc. currently runs trucks from Arizona to Long Beach and back. 

There’s always something new to see, and you don’t have to be gone for long periods of time to enjoy the trip. At each end of your route, in both California and Arizona, the company has drivers’ lounges so you can shower, relax, and grab a bite to eat. There really is more to life than the typical hum-drum job sitting at a desk all day, and you can be part of it while on the road.

Being Part of a Family Community

The trucking industry is a unique lifestyle that nobody understands except for truck drivers. One of the great aspects of this is a family community created when truck drivers come together. Tight bonds are formed between truckers, giving them a camaraderie unlike any other. You’ll begin to feel this close bond with the other students you go to driving school with.

Something interesting about the family community of truck drivers is they pull everyone into their circles. You’ll find yourself making friends with those you deliver to, other drivers at rest stops, and many others along your route. Customers depend on truck drivers to deliver freight on time and will always be relieved to see the drivers pull in when they’re expected. Not only does this create one big family among drivers and customers, but truck drivers always feel appreciated and accomplished.

Preparing for the Industry

As was previously mentioned, the trucking industry is unique, so you’ll want to be prepared. Truck driving school provides the preparation you need. Not only do you learn how to drive a commercial vehicle, but you also learn about road safety, filling out logbooks, what to do about pre-trip inspections, how to handle hazardous materials, how to couple and uncouple, and how to maneuver in close quarters. These skills will have you ready to work for Duncan and Son Lines, Inc.

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Duncan and Son Lines, Inc. is the largest drayage carrier in Arizona, currently with over 250 trucks. Always looking for new drivers, Duncan and Son Lines, Inc. requires a Class A CDL with two years over the road experience in the industry. If you’re looking to obtain a job that offers predictable routes, steady and comfortable paychecks, quality benefits, and job security, truck driving might be right for you. Contact Duncan and Son Lines, Inc. today at 623-244-4149 or via the online form so you can apply for a job or learn more about what it takes to become a truck driver.

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