Driving a truck used to be a difficult, demanding job with stressful work conditions. The modern trucking industry has taken leaps in big rig technology, pay, and protective laws. Find out how truck technology has changed the way drivers interact with companies, their trucks, and the rest of the world. Explore the benefits of operating a truck with Duncan and Son Lines in Southern California or Arizona.

What are the advancements in truck technology?

There’s never been a better time to get behind the wheel of a semi-truck. From transmission updates to convenient amenities in a sleeper cab, here are some updates over the years that have helped make it more safe and comfortable to work in the trucking industry.

Automatic Transmissions

Thanks to innovations from Allison Transmission, modern semi-trucks often come with a fully automatic transmission. Even manual transmissions are becoming easier to shift. These updates help truck drivers who are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with manually shifting gears. Advances in this technology prevent excessive gear damage or fuel economy issues due to improper shifting.

Communication Technologies

Staying in contact with dispatch, fellow truck drivers, and loved ones back home have never been easier. Communication technologies are some of the most extreme examples of updates in the industry. Here are just a few ways to connect hands-free in your truck, whether driving or at a rest stop, that wasn’t possible in the recent past:

    • GPS navigation
    • Instant updates from dispatch
    • Video calls from friends and family
    • MP3, satellite radio, and other entertainment options

The most remote long-haul trucker can now be connected seamlessly to the broader world. Whether you’re sticking to the I-10 corridor around your home or taking on a cross-country route, you don’t have to wonder what’s happening back home or search in vain for your favorite radio station.

Climate Controls

You can thank modern technology every time you climb into an air-conditioned cab on a blazing summer day. Not only can you stay cool as you drive, but auxiliary power units (APU’s) allow you to remain cool or turn on the heat for comfortable year-round cab temperatures any time you’re in your truck.

Comfortable Sleeping Arrangements

Sleeper cabs have come a long way in recent years. Modern trucks have replaced worn-out mattresses and cramped living conditions with spacious cabs, small kitchen units, and memory foam mattresses for an excellent night’s sleep. These conditions allow long-haul drivers to enjoy most in-home conveniences while on the road.

Emission and Fuel Improvements

Emissions concerns in diesel vehicles have been around for some time, but diesel exhaust fluid allows you to reduce your rig’s environmental concerns. Fuel-efficiency improvements have also reduced the cost of operating a truck. At Duncan and Son Lines, we use the latest truck technology to make hauling safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly. Because of this commitment we were awarded by the US Environmental Protection Agency with the 2020 SmartWay Excellence Award for our ongoing commitment to the environment.

What are some trends in trucking jobs?

Semi-trucks have come a long way, and leading trucking companies have followed pace. When you work with a leading company in Los Angeles, Phoenix, and the surrounding area, you can see how teamwork, benefits, and hours of service regulations make the job easier and more comfortable.

Cooperative Teamwork

Family-friendly trucking is the new normal. Work with a family-owned and -operated trucking company to enjoy friendly dispatch professionals, clear communication about your daily tasks, and routes that get you more time at home with your family. Social relationships with fellow drivers also help make the job easier and give you a sense of ownership in your role.

Generous Benefits

Benefits in the industry go beyond sign-on promotions. From the first days of operation to retirement benefits, Duncan and Son Lines has generous benefits to help you take pride in your role. Here are some of the benefits you can expect when you work with our modern trucking team:

    • Sign-on bonus with TWIC card
    • Competitive wages
    • Healthcare and wellness options
    • Retirement plan

What are DOT Hours of Services?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration continues to update hours of service regulations to keep drivers safe. These regulations are designed to promote healthy breaks, sleeper berth provisions, and protection in adverse driving conditions. Current regulations still allow you to put in extra hours when you wish but provide specific regulations to prevent you from driving too much in unsafe conditions.

Find a Modern Trucking Job in Southern California and Arizona

Turn to Duncan Trucking LTD to get the most out of the latest advances in the industry. Apply today to find your role in a leading trucking company. Our Southern California and Arizona drivers enjoy excellent benefits, a modern fleet, and expert dispatch professionals to make their job easier.

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