What is the Highest Paying Truck Driving Job_

Although many people tend to think of trucking as a poorly-paying, unskilled-job, the opposite is true – many truck drivers make much more than the national average.  They prove day-in and day-out that they are very skilled and that they compose the backbone of our distribution centers, grocery stores, restaurants, and other businesses. Without truckers, we would be unable to buy food, go out to eat, or do many of the things we enjoy today. Qualified truckers are desperately needed to keep our economic systems flourishing. Some truckers qualify for specific positions and can even receive regular pay raises. Although the average truck driving job’s salary is $42,480, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, higher-paying truck driver jobs exist. But what are some of the highest paid truck driving employment opportunities?  Can you support your family with a truck driver job? Read on to find out!

Liquid Hazmat Drivers

Hauling dangerous, sometimes flammable goods like oil is a great way to see a bit more added to your paycheck. As a hazmat driver, your pay will ultimately depend on what materials you are shipping. The average salary of a liquid hazmat driver is $70,000, according to PayScale.com.

Oversize Load Truck Driving Jobs

Oversized Load Drivers

If you would instead work in construction, or at least closer to home than a more traditional tractor-trailer driver, consider becoming an oversized load driver. Oversized load driving, which requires a Class A commercial driver’s license, means that you haul heavy loads that other trucks cannot carry. The average salary for a driver in this area is $22-24 per hour based on LinkedIn postings – or a yearly income of over $70,000.

Over the Road Driver

As an Over the Road Truck Driver, many companies can send you out for weeks at a time. OTR drivers refer to truck drivers who drive for long distances, as opposed to those drivers who drive locally. According to truckdriversalary.com, the average salary for an OTR CDL driver is $66,000 per year.

Duncan & Son Drivers

As a DSL Driver, our regional, dedicated driving positions typically leave you no more than 375 miles from home and give CDL drivers a competitive trucking salary. As a truck driver at Duncan & Son, you have the opportunity to earn $60K to $90K a year and also reap from the many benefits that we have to offer (401k, good home time, 34-hour+ weekend restart).

Are you looking to see your family more and support them with a trucking job? Come and join the family at Duncan & Son Lines, a fourth-generation family-owned trucking company.   What are you waiting for? Find us online to fill out our questionnaire or give us a call at 623-234-2775 to get started with your new trucking career!

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