I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the employee partners at Duncan & Son Lines, Inc. and extend my warm wishes for the Christmas holiday and New Year.


Thank you for making 2017 a wonderful year. Our combination of world class drivers and support staff, superior equipment (chassis and trucks), and our commitment to Operational Excellence allowed us to dominate our competition.


This past year we saw many positive changes in our company. We are now up over 1,300 owned chassis!!!  We added 40 brand new tractors- showing our commitment to Investment in Safety by continuing to invest in every safety enhancement available.  This is further proof that we are committed to running a modern, Green Fleet of trucks.  We plan to continue our growth and add at least 20 more trucks (and drivers) in 2018.  The industry is challenged by a national driver shortage.  Duncan & Son Lines, Inc.  has surpassed 200 drivers.  It’s exciting to be the market leader.


We are not without challenges, though. Our customers continue to demand more specialized services.  It’s not enough to just pick up and deliver loads.  That basic service has been commoditized.  We have to transform into an information management company.  We have to integrate with our customers.  We have to be set-up EDI with them.  We have to provide custom reporting and constant real-time information.  Whatever customer demands or other challenges come our way, we’ll be up to the task.  We are well positioned to take advantage of any opportunities that come up.  We’ve always been up for the challenges of changing times.  As a matter of fact, these challenges present an opportunity for DSL to differentiate itself from the competition.  Tackling these challenges is how we show our customers, employees, and vendors that partnering with Duncan & Son Lines, Inc. is a winning decision.


We now enter our 75th year in business. We have met every challenge which has come our way.  We have the right team and the right plan to tackle the challenges of the future and bring us continued success.  We feel that our core values of Investment in Safety, Total Employee Commitment, Complete Customer Focus, and Operational Excellence are the right foundation.  We will continue to strive to make these values the core of Duncan and Son Lines’ culture.  Thank you for living these values in everything you do here.


We have the BEST employees in the industry.  We will attack 2018 TOGETHER!!!  I wish all of you a wonderful year ahead.  I look forward to working together this year to bring more success to us all.





Rick Duncan